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Upright Row - Phase 4
Upright Row - Phase 4 - Hypertrophy Phase 2 - Day 1: The upright row is the final exercise for this phase & will work the entire deltoid. Taking a shoulder width grip, raise the barbell up to the upper chest squeezing on the way up before lowering the weight back down, keeping tension on the shoulders the whole time. Always maintain good posture with your chest & chin up. For Hypertrophy Phase 2, complete 3 sets of 15, 12 & then 10 reps, pyramiding the weight up & increasing the intensity with each set. Remember, you've got a whole week to recover so work hard this last set. Don'ts - Using a close grip & swinging the weight up is not recommended as this will result in lost tension in the shoulders. It will also start to put pressure on the lower back & really bring the traps into the exercise, something you would like to avoid. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Joel Ramintas - Natural Bodybuilder

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