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Disorder Pre Workout Review

Quick Disorder Summary
  • Initially launched in 2019 Faction Labs Disorder is a high-stimulant pre-workout
  • Ingredients cater for users seeking high energy, feelings of well-being and muscle pumps
  • 2 scoops provide a fully dosed 500mg of caffeine anhydrous, 6000mg of citrulline malate, 3200mg of beta-alanine plus more
  • Beta-alanine tingles may be expected when taking Disorder
  • Inexperienced users should begin with 1 scoop or less before gradually increasing
  • Available in 13 flavours with Red Russian, Pink Bits & Silver Bullet judged to be the best-tasting flavour
  • Excellent energy and focus also support moderate vasodilation
  • The Pink Bits flavour launched Feb 2021 & was available exclusively at Mr Supplement
  • Rainbow Warrior, Brown Sugar & Golden Shower Flavours launched in the 2nd half of 2021
  • Disorder Variety 12 Pack satchel launched in March 2022. Get all the flavours in one pack
  • Disorder 200g / 25 serve tubs launched in April 2022. A smaller size lower-cost option
  • Disorder Silver Bullet Pear flavour was released in October 2022. Available in 25 serves only with an amazing taste.
  • Disorder Energy RTD Cans were released in December 2022 in a range of flavours
  • Disorder Sunburnt Country Strawberry Mango flavour was released in May 2023.
  • Aqua Splash, a fruity flavour is released in August 2023.
  • A reformulated Disorder formula was released in February 2024 taking the serving size from 8g to 9g.
  • Disorder Ultimate, a higher stimulant version launches in March 2024.

August 2019 and Disorder a new pre-workout, manufactured by a new supplement company namely Faction Labs hit the shelves around Australia. Oh no! I know what you’re thinking, “not another pre-workout”. Right? Well, I’m here to tell you wrong, Disorder isn’t just another pre-workout. It’s been launched with lots of thought behind it and as such, it ticks lots of boxes. Let’s then have a look;

Disorder Formula and Dosage

The first thing you may notice about the ingredient panel is that there are copiously high amounts of actives including 500mg of caffeine anhydrous, 6000mg of citrulline malate, 3200mg of beta-alanine etc. Fantastic! This in our industry is what's referred to as fully dosed, meaning the actives are not simply small amounts but rather full amounts that are going to be efficacious or produce the desired result. The ingredient list also is complete in that there is a long list of well-known and well-studied ingredients. The recommended dose on labelling is for a one-full scoop (1). Importantly though the nutritional information on the label is for both one full scoop (1) or two full scoops (2). Thus if you want the full efficacious dose it would require two scoops. This also means the jar comes in your choice of 50 regular 1-scoop serves or 25 fully dosed 2-scoop serves. The choice is yours.

Disorder Pre-Workout Ingredients

Rather than publish the full nutritional panel let's just break it down for you covering the three main ingredient categories which are;

  • Energy Production: Derived mainly from caffeine anhydrous, beta-alanine, synephrine, cocoabuterol
  • Pump and Vasodilation: Derived mainly from Citrulline Malate, L-Norvaline
  • Nootropic Effect: Derived mainly from acetyl l-tyrosine, alpha GPC, l-theanine,  extract and hordenine.
  • Further also added is the ingredient Pterostilbene commonly used for its anti-inflammatory anti-oxidant effects.

Updated Disorder Formula: February 2024

An updated Faction Labs Disorder formula showcases a nuanced approach to pre-workout supplementation, increasing the serving size to 9g with a slight caloric content addition.

Key modifications include a significant increase in N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine and Alpha-Glycerophosphorylcholine, aimed at boosting mental focus, and the introduction of Huperzine-A for cognitive support.

Ingredients like Citrulline Malate and beta-alanine remain stable, ensuring sustained physical performance. The formula now includes minimal calories and carbohydrates for direct energy, indicating a refined focus on balancing enhanced endurance with mental clarity and optimizing training efficiency.

Best Disorder Flavours

In a taste test conducted by Mr Supplement's staff, the unanimous best flavour award went to Disorder Red Russian. We’d describe this flavour as being similar to Red Frog and truly delicious. We found all the flavours to be tasty and would rank the other flavours in order Purple Reign Green Haze & Pine Lime Yellow Fever followed by Blue Pearl. Or you may like the newer released flavours including Orange Firm Orange-Mango, White Snow Vanilla-Cola or Black Fire-Juicy Grape. Really though it’s a great tasting pre which when it comes to taste you can’t go wrong.

Added to the flavour choices additionally in February 2021 is Pink Bits, described as a spritely strawberry. The pink bits flavour on launching was a Mr Supplement exclusive (only available via Mr Supplement). Launched mid to late 2021 also were three further exciting flavours including Golden Shower which is a lemon tang, Brown Sugar which is peach tea & the fantastic tasting Rainbow Warrior which is a bubble gum ice cream.

Then a further limited-edition flavour was released in October 2022 with a Pear taste, named Silver Bullet. On tasting Silver Bullet one of our staff members commented, "Silver Bullet is the best-tasting flavour so far, it's even better than Red Russian". Additionally & even more interesting though the Silver Bullet powder on viewing has a reflective-glitter appearance. This has to be seen to be believed and further reinforces why so many people love this creative Disorder pre-workout brand.

Fast forward to May 2023 and Disorder Sunburnt Country flavour is launched in orange & purple packaging. Sunburnt Country is a Strawberry Mango flavour that's sure to impress.

August 2023 & to highlight the ongoing demand for Disorder, yet another flavour is released, this time the flavour is Aqua Splash. This is described as Breakfast Juice. After our own Mr Supplement taste test, we'd confirm this & describe it as a mix of apple, pear & orange with a hint of passionfruit (Breakfast Juice). So if you like those fruity flavours we're sure you'll be impressed.

Disorder Variety Pack

Now for those who want the option of trying all flavours cost-effectively, why not buy the Disorder Variety Pack? Launched in early 2022 the Disorder Variety pack offers one sample of each flavour in a single-serve sachet. It's available for a price under $30 and shall ensure you'll never get bored of the same taste.

Disorder Energy RTD Cans

In Late 2022 following on from the amazing success of Disorders powdered pre-workout. Faction Labs released a range of Disorder Energy RTD carbonated cans making this popular supplement even more convenient. The formula and ingredients are based on the pre-workout & are available in a range of delicious flavours.

Disorder Pre-Workout Caffeine & Stimulants

Containing the tried and tested synephrine (also known as bitter orange or citrus aurantium), the recently popular ingredient cocoabuterol and caffeine anhydrous, the stimulant or energy formula is non-complicated and to the point. Is it strong? You bet and with 500mg of caffeine per double scoop, there is not another pre-workout that comes to mind with a caffeine content that exceeds Disorder. This is a whopping amount of caffeine that caters for experienced stimulant users.

Disorder Pre-Workout Results

In taking 2 scoops of Disorder which is what we believe most users shall ultimately use (after perhaps beginning on a 1 scoop). We found the energy and focus fantastic. Training legs for a 45-minute session “It’s fair to say I wanted to keep going with loads of motivation, the weights also seemed easier to lift plus recovery for the next set seemed faster”. Generally one may expect to feel pretty good about it with a positive mindset thanks to the nootropics in the formula. The pump was pretty good too although we would recommend a different pre-workout if it were a crazy pump you were chasing. This is a serious pre-workout sure to have you fired up.

Other Uses for Disorder

Whilst 90% of users shall take Disorder as a pre-workout supplement there are other uses for Disorder. We note when viewing the Disorder Variety Pack packaging there are several images, suggesting what Disorder's other uses may be. These images include gym, sport, study, work, party & gaming. Being an energy and cognitive enhancer it does make sense some people may use Disorder for these alternative pursuits.

Side Effects

Using a mid-level dose of caffeine anhydrous (250mg per full scoop) there are a couple of negative side effects one may experience. The first is feeling overly wired or jittery. Now this didn’t happen on our trial however for an inexperienced user it’s possible, thus again for new or inexperienced users please start with one scoop or less. The second is the feeling of beta-alanine tingles, this is a good thing meaning this ingredient is working as it should. The third side effect which is more likely to happen though is a slight crash or come down when the pre-workout starts wearing off. The reason for this is caffeine anhydrous peaks in your blood within 30-60 minutes, this is fast-acting, then it begins to come off and does so at a reasonably fast pace. During this period it is possible to experience slight nausea or feeling somewhat off. Again experienced pre-workout users shall likely have no issues.

Disorder Safety

With any pre-workout, there is the potential for misuse. Thus being a strong formula please don’t go doing stupid doses of Disorder. Rather please always begin on the one-scoop dose (or less) to assess your tolerance to the stimulant effect, then proceed higher. Always follow the manufacturer's label instructions. Do this and healthy users shouldn’t have safety concerns. Additionally to update on this point of safety. After years of retailing Disorder at Mr Supplement and at the time of writing, we have not received any feedback from customers about a serious safety concern. This is good news.

Disorder Banned

In late 2020 there was a period where Disorder was taken off the market and unavailable for sale. It was thought to be banned by the public. At that time Disorder was subject to a review by Australian regulators however after 4 weeks was made available again. There was also a slight reformulation at this time.

When to Take Disorder

We’d recommend taking Disorder 15 minutes pre-workout which is a short enough time for it to kick in whilst also lasting you a full 60-minute gym session. Should you want a good night's sleep and due to the caffeine and stimulant content, we’d also recommend not taking it after 6 pm. That is unless you have a high tolerance to stimulants.

Disorder Reformulated

In February 2024, Faction Labs introduced a reformulated version of Disorder, their original pre-workout supplement. The reformulation aimed to enhance the product's effectiveness and user experience. While maintaining key ingredients such as Citrulline Malate and Beta Alanine, the new formula featured adjustments in ingredient proportions and the addition of new components like N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Alpha-Glycerophosphorylcholine, Synephrine Hydrochloride, Piperine Extract, and Huperzine-A.

These changes were made to optimise energy, focus, and performance benefits. Additionally, adjustments in serving size and directions were implemented to better align with the revised formulation. Notably, the serving size increased from 8g to 9g per scoop with a larger tub size, and the recommended consumption instructions were updated to mixing one scoop with 800ml of chilled water (to comply with regulations), to be consumed 15-20 minutes before training, with a caution against exceeding one serving per day.

A High Stimulant Disorder Version

In March 2024, Faction Labs debuted Disorder Ultimate, a potent upgrade to their pre-workout supplement, targeting experienced users or those seeking a stronger stimulant effect. Boasting an intensified formula with ingredients like L-Citrulline, Beta Alanine, and more, Disorder Ultimate delivers heightened energy and focus. Reviewed separately, Disorder Ultimate is tailored for individuals aiming for peak performance during workouts.


Disorder is a high-quality pre-workout that’s sure to get you up and going providing the energy, focus, mindset & pump that’s sure to please. Should we have made any change to the formula though, it may have been the inclusion of the ingredient Theacrine instead of some of the caffeine anhydrous amount. Theacrine also a stimulant has been shown to support lowering the stimulant side effect, thus reducing stimulant crash.

Though and for nearly all users Disorder is a winner, it does the job, tastes great, and comes in a variety of sizes including 25 serves, 50 serves or a 12 satchel trial pack. It has cool funky labelling and is sure to have you feeling fantastic and in the zone fast. Go on, give Disorder a try.

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