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View our top 10 best-selling men's health supplements of 2023. This list is updated daily based on customer sales and popularity. All the big brands with the latest cutting-edge herbal ingredients, designed to support natural production in men and women.

Mr Supplement has been Australia’s leading retailer of testosterone boosters and supplements since our inception in 2004. As the market leaders in health and fitness, we pride ourselves on delivering only the best test booster range on the market to help you kick your goals faster.


No matter what your reasons are in searching for the best test booster in Australia, we are here to support you in finding the right Australian supplements for you. With our team’s in-depth knowledge of all the best boosters in the market, we can help you to find the brands and the products that specifically suit your needs. Contact our expert team today so we can help you to track down the best testosterone supplements in Australia.


Maximise your potential with a test booster


Testosterone boosters are used for several reasons. Increasing testosterone levels in the body can result in increased libido and sexual performance and the ability to build muscle mass faster. If your diet requires a test boost, Australia offers a wide range of boosters and supplements to choose from, of which the best of the best are available right here in the Mr Supplement store. Like so many of our happy customers, you will be able to find the best testosterone booster in Australia among the vast array of products at Mr Supplement.


A vast range of superior supplements to choose from


From the top testosterone booster in Australia to all the Anti-estrogen, D Aspartic Acid and horny goat weed supplements you could need, we have it all. Our range includes a collection of high-quality products that are related to the use of test boosters in Australia, including:

  • Tribulus

    — which behaves like testosterone in the body but also provides relief from chest pain, heart problems, dizziness and more.
  • GH Boosters

    – used to accelerate lean muscle mass development and overall tone as well as to assist in muscle repair and synthesis.
  • Laxogenin

    — used by both men and women to promote muscle growth as it works with a range of other prohormone supplements
  • Longifolia

    — used for increasing athletic performance, bodybuilding and reducing erectile dysfunction in men
  • Fenugreek

    – a herb that helps to increase the body’s natural production of testosterone
  • ZMA

    — a combination of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 which boosts muscle growth, improves athletic stamina and aids in recovery and sleep quality


For those who are seeking a different kind of support for their workout goals, our range also includes protein powders, creatine supplements, fat burners, pre-workout supplements, amino acids, health supplements and sports vitamins. At Mr Supplement, our mission is to be able to provide you with all of the supplements you need to help you achieve your fitness goals faster. For the best testosterone booster, Australia has to offer, read about our top-selling products below.


Underground Labs Turkesterone


As one of the most popular supplements for building mass, Turkesterone by Underground Labs is a favourite in bodybuilding circles. Containing more than 10% of the pure Turkesterone extract, you can be sure that this is a thoroughly vetted phytoecdysteroid, which is HPLC tested, that really works. All you need to do is take one capsule daily before food to help support your general health and well-being and give your body the best chance at building the kind of mass you are hoping to achieve from your workouts


HGH by Elemental Nutrition


With 7 great tasting and easy-to-drink flavours available, this engineered growth hormone releaser has remained a best seller in our workout and recovery range since 2010. HGH by Elemental Nutrition is designed to aid your body in fast recovery from high-level workouts and helps to support a healthy sleep pattern.


Underground Labs Roidz


If you’re looking for the best testosterone booster Australia has to offer, Roidz by Underground Labs offers all the raw herbal ingredients that are the most potent of their kind as the essential element of their supplements. Roidz helps to boost hormone production, suppress estrogen, build strength and promote a strong libido. If you are looking to boost your physical performance from the bedroom to the gym, Roidz is the way to achieve it.


Massive Muscle Fuel


Elemental Nutrition’s Massive Muscle Fuel is hardcore fuel for your body. It contains more than 7000mg of active ingredient Protodioscin, and being in liquid form, it allows your body to absorb much more than pills or powders. If you are looking to enhance your physical performance, strength, libido and sexual performance, Massive Muscle Fuel is the right test booster in Australia. Massive Muscle Fuel is the strongest legal alternative to anabolic steroids.


Elemental Nutrition Growth & Test Stack


If you’ve been looking to increase your protein synthesis with a combination testosterone supplement that will enable you to easily build muscle mass, Elemental Nutrition’s Growth & Test Stack will help you to train hard and recover fast. The best test booster Australia can provide is a combination of Elemental Nutrition’s HGH and Muscle Fuel products taken in the perfect cycle.


Underground Labs Tribulus


Support your reproductive system with the Luteinizing hormone contained in Tribulus by Underground Labs. With increased free testosterone levels, the premium Belgian Tribulus contained in this Underground Labs supplement will enhance your physical performance as well as your libido. Consider using Tribulus as part of your daily routine for a comprehensive solution that will help you take care of your needs.


Underground Labs Ecdysterone


Ecdysterone works similarly to testosterone in the body, helping you to build muscle mass and improve your athletic performance. If you’re looking for a once-a-day boost to help reach your goals faster, this is it. The advanced strength ecdysterone from Underground Labs is commonly used by strength and power athletes due to the raw and potent herbal extracts that are the brand’s calling card. Underground Labs Ecdysterone will help you to build lean muscle, synthesise protein and encourage a strong metabolism.


Underground Labs Tongkat Ali


Filled with raw and potent herbal extracts, Underground Labs Tongkat Ali provides 300mg of premium Indonesian Long Jack (aka Long Jack / Longifolia), a fantastic supplement supporting overall health, well-being, and sexual performance. The ingredients of this capsule are extracted from the plant root to ensure that maximum strength is on offer. If you have been looking for a daily pill that will support your system in a range of functions, this is the one.


Elemental Nutrition Peptides


As one of the first supplements to combine both Di and Tripeptides, Peptides by Elemental Nutrition is designed to support muscle growth and repair. These important amino acids are fast absorbers that assimilate into your system quickly to provide you with increased endurance and performance capacity. Aside from your workout goals, Peptides can also assist with insulin release and stimulation of glucose and amino acid levels in your blood.


Body Ripped HGH plus ZMA


Reduce your fat while you sleep with Body Ripped HGH plus ZMA. Designed to deliver important growth hormones which decline in our bodies as we age, this combination of important elements will not only support increased muscle mass and faster recovery from exercise but will provide several other positive effects for your body.

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