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Ecdysterone also known as ECDY, 20 Hydroxyecdysone or 20 E is a non-hormonal, plant or arthropod derived ingredient that is structurally like androgens. In plants it is commonly derived from the Cyanotis vaga, Ajuga turkestanica and Rhaponticum carthamoides species. As a supplement ecdysterone is suspected to have been used by Russian strength athletes (a "Russian Secret") as far back as the 1980's. Numerous studies have been conducted on ecdysterone with varying results. The most recent comprehensive study though was commissioned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in 2019 with a scientific group that included the Department for Molecular & Cellular Sports Medicine at the German Sport University Cologne (1). These results were overall positive in the support of 20 Hydroxyecdysone. Further recent studies also seem to support positive findings. Ecdysterone supplements included in this category include ecdysone, ecdysterone, turkesterone and 20-hydroxyecdysone.

(1) Isenmann E, Ambrosio G, Joseph JF, Mazzarino M, de la Torre X, Zimmer P, et al. (July 2019). "Ecdysteroids as non-conventional anabolic agent: performance enhancement by ecdysterone supplementation in humans". Archives of Toxicology. 93 (7): 1807–1816.

More Product Information

  • What are Ecdysteroids?

    Ecdysteroids are steroid hormones derived naturally from plants that include the specific ingredients ecdysone, ecdysterone, turkesterone or 2-deoxyecdysone. Ecdysterone has been retailed by the supplement industry in Australia since the 1990's. It may be found as a single ingredient or as part of a formula. Ecdysterone's goal in supplement form is to support muscle & strength.

  • Where do Ecdysterone supplements come from?

    Ecdysterone supplements are derived from plant extracts that contain Ecdysterone. Some plants include Rhaponticum (Leuzea) carthamoides, Pfaffia paniculata, Ajuga plant, Leuzea Carthamoides, Rhaponticum, Stemmacantha Uniflora, Vitex Fisherii, Spinach & the Cyanotis Vaga plant.

  • What are Ecdysterone supplements used for?

    In conjunction with a workout program and tailored diet Ecdysterone supplements are used to aid muscle hypertrophy, athletic performance and strength.

  • Is Ecdysterone & Turkesterone the same?

    Ecdysterone and Turkesterone are both part of the Ecdysteroid family. They are remarkably similar and used by strength athletes for the same purposes. Chemically these two substances are almost identical. Some users believe Turkesterone offers increased benefits when compared with Ecdysterone based on anecdotal evidence. Ecdysterone however is far more studied in peer reviewed human trials, clearly showing positive results.

  • Is Ecdysterone a steroid?

    Ecdysterone is what's known as a phytosteroid or a steroid that occurs naturally in plants, also known as a phytosterol. Whilst Ecdysterone is a plant steroid, it is very different from what is classically known as "steroids". Unlike pro-hormone steroids which are synthetic or man made, Ecdysterone is a derived ingredient found naturally in nature. Further Ecdysterone doesn't exhibit the negative side effects that "steroids" do.

  • Does Ecdysterone have negative side effects?

    No negative side effects would be expected from Ecdysterone supplementation when taken as directed. Studies have been performed showing no increase in biomarkers for liver or kidney toxicity. We have not received feedback from any customer complaining about negative side effects from taking Ecdysterone.

  • Can women take Ecdysterone?

    Yes. As Ecdysterone doesn't exhibit negative hormonal side effects it is an excellent muscle support supplement for women to consider.

  • Is Ecdysterone banned for sports competition?

    At the time of writing we are unaware of Ecdysterone being banned for sport. In saying this Ecdysterone is listed on a WADA 2021 monitoring program as an Anabolic Agent. Thus the status of Ecdysterone is subject to change. The responsibility for compliance is always that of the athlete.

  • What's the best dosage for Ecdysterone?

    Whilst we have seen some users take up to 2000mg daily. The most common dosage for Ecdysterone taken by bodybuilders seems to be 500-1000mg. Low doses i.e 60mg daily appear in general to be ineffective. A method some users may wish to explore would be a certain amount multiplied by your body weight i.e 5mg x 100kg = 500mg daily. All said and done and to make it simple our recommendation to users would be to follow a reputable manufacturers label directions.

  • What's the best time to take Ecdysterone?

    Whilst there are no studies to confirm the best timing of Ecdysterone. We'd recommend your dosage be taken at the same time daily. Ideally on workout days this would be 60-90 minutes prior.

  • Can Ecdysterone be stacked with other supplements?

    Yes absolutely. Ecdysterone should be taken in conjunction with a higher protein diet, as such it may be stacked with your favourite protein shake or amino acids including BCAA's or EAA's. Further more Ecdysterone is ideal to stack with a quality testosterone booster. Ecdysterone really is suitable to stack with most if not all supplements.

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