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Laxogenin Supplements

Laxogenin (5-Hydroxy-Laxogenin) is a natural ingredient that is derived from the Smilax Sieboldii plant. It initially attracted interest due to the growth promoting benefits it had on plants and has been said to promote high levels of free testosterone in the normal range whilst supporting healthy nitrogen retention. Laxogenin is said to have been used & marketed as a supplement since being isolated in 1992.

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  • What is Laxogenin?

    Laxogenin also known as 5-alpha-hydroxy laxogenin is an isolated plant ingredient. It has been retailed in Australia from around 2015. It may be found as a single ingredient or as part of a formula. Laxogenin's goal in supplement form is to support muscle & strength.

  • Where does Laxogenin come from?

    Laxogenin is extracted from the smilax sieboldii plant, a species found in Asia & in particular from China & Japan.

  • What is Laxogenin used for?

    In conjunction with a workout program and tailored diet Laxogenin supplements are used to aid muscle hypertrophy, athletic performance and strength.

  • What's the difference between Laxogenin & Ecdysterone?

    Whilst both Laxogenin and Ecdysterone are ingredients extracted from plants and both are phytosteroids they are different. They are extracted from different plants and have different chemical structures. Whilst their intended use of supporting muscle may me the same they offer different mechanisms of action. As such they may even be taken together for synergistic benefits.

  • Is Laxogenin an anabolic-androgenic steroid or SARM?

    No, Laxogenin is not an anabolic-androgenic steroids or SARM. Laxogenin is however a phytosteroid which is a naturally occurring steroid found in plants.

  • Does Laxogenin have any negative side effects?

    Whilst more human trials need to take place. Based on anecdotal evidence it is highly unlikely users shall experience side effects from taking Laxogenin. Actually we have never received feedback from a customer relating to negative Laxogenin side effects. If there were a side effect it would likely be stomach discomfort or a mild headache which is the most common side effects from supplements in general. As such when it comes to side effects we would categorise Laxogenin in the low risk category. As with all supplements be sure to follow the manufacturers label instructions.

  • Can women take Laxogenin?

    Yes. Laxogenin is a suitable supplement for healthy women to take. Always follow the manufacturers label instructions.

  • Is Laxogenin legal in Australia?

    At the time of writing Laxogenin is legal to import, advertise & retail in Australia.

  • Is Laxogenin banned for use in sport?

    Laxogenin is not banned by WADA at the time of writing and we are unaware of it being banned by any Australian regulatory body. In saying this the responsibility to comply with your respective testing body always remains with the user or athlete.

  • What is the best Laxogenin dosage?

    Laxogenin at a daily amount of 100mg appears to be an optimal dose for good results. Some users have been known to take lower doses and some up to 200mg daily. We would recommend users always follow the manufacturers directions.

  • What's the best time to take Laxogenin?

    There doesn't appear to be a best time except to say it ideally should be taken at the same time daily, ensuring doses are evenly spaced out. On workout days it may be optimal to take Laxogenin 60-90 minutes pre-workout.

  • Should Laxogenin be cycled?

    Whilst there is no clear cycling recommendations. We recommend taking a 2 week break for every 12 weeks of use.

  • Does Laxogenin require PCT?

    No. Laxogenin doesn't require post cycle therapy. Research suggests there are no androgenic side effects from taking Laxogenin and that hormonal levels are unaffected.

  • What's the best supplements to stack with Laxogenin?

    Users with higher testosterone levels appear to get great results from Laxogenin, thus it is well complimented by a quality Testosterone Booster. Further Laxogenin for best results should be combined with a higher protein diet, as such a quality protein powder or amino acid supplement would likely be beneficial too.

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