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Best Creatine Supplements

Welcome to our Best Creatine category, showcasing the top-selling creatine supplements of 2024 on the Mr Supplement site. Our selection is diverse, offering a variety of creatine types to cater to different preferences and goals. From the classic and widely researched monohydrate to the advanced formulations like hydrochloride and ethyl ester, we've curated a range that represents the best in the market.


Whether you prefer the simplicity of natural and unflavoured options or enjoy the enhanced experience of flavoured varieties, our collection is designed to meet your needs. Our 2024 best-sellers are updated daily, reflecting the latest trends and most popular choices among our customers. Explore our carefully selected creatines to find the perfect match for your fitness journey.


Supplements in general are not a sole source of nutrition and should be used in conjunction with an appropriate physical training or exercise programme. They are not suitable for children or pregnant women and should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision. Always read the label before use.


In Australia, creatine supplements are commonly presented under various classifications, including complementary medicines, registered therapeutic items, foods, and formulated supplementary sports foods, each adhering to specific regulatory standards.

If you’ve been searching for the best creatine supplement in Australia, you’ll be sure to find it right here at our online store. We pride ourselves on delivering the best creatine for bulking, increasing energy, and maintaining body shape and tone. We also offer the best creatine capsules in Australia that can help make your workouts more effective. 


With our vast collection of Australian supplements, we can cater to any kind of fitness goal and ensure that you remain focused and on track with your regime. From top creatine supplements to industry-leading supplement brands, we’ve got you covered for all of your workout boosting needs. Browse our online store today to find the right kind of creatine for you.


The best creatine Australia has to offer


Creatine helps to fuel your body. When combined with a solid workout schedule and a healthy diet, the best creatine supplement products will work together with your body so that you can achieve your fitness goals with ease. This is why our expert team is always on hand to provide trusted advice on the best creatine in Australia. If you have any questions about the right supplements for your physique, don’t hesitate to contact us. Discuss your personal fitness goals and allow our team to help you with their years of knowledge on the wide world of options for creatine supplements in Australia.


Types of creatine available


There have been numerous studies of creatine over the years, and if you’re looking for the best, creatine monohydrate is what you need. Creatine monohydrate has proven its ability to increase exercise performance by being quickly absorbed into the blood and muscular system. Creatine monohydrate is particularly well-regarded by weight lifters and cyclists due to its ability to provide increased strength during hard workouts. For the best creatine monohydrate, simply browse our online collection to discover your options.


Working on the concept of fast absorption rates is what led to the creation of Creatine HCL — a super-fast absorbing creatine supplement that is more concentrated, more soluble and more absorbable than most creatine supplements in Australia. Creatine HCL has always ranked highly in the top 10 creatine supplements in our store with weightlifters and bodybuilders enjoying the benefits that this concentrated supplement can offer.


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In addition to creatine supplements in Australia, we also offer a range of other workout boosters. Whether you’re searching for test boosters, amino acids or pre-workout supplements, we’ve got you covered with everything you need. We aim to serve every aspect of your fitness goals, from sports vitamins and health supplements to protein powders and more. Shop online today and discover the world of quality boosters and the top creatine supplements that are available to you.


Elemental Nutrition Creapure

The German formula of Creapure provides a flavourless, odourless creatine monohydrate that is known for its easy blending capabilities, whether you choose to take it with juice or water. This supplement supports strength, energy and muscle production as well as aiding your body in post-workout recovery so you can trust that you have a supplement you can trust. Elemental Nutrition is considered to be one of the best creatine brand options you can choose due to their in-depth research and continuing efforts to create some of the best creatine in Australia.


  • Serving size: 3g
  • Only 12 calories
  • Less than 5mg sodium
  • No additives or fillers


Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine

Optimum Nutrition offers 99.99% creatine in this odourless and flavourless powdered supplement. With the recommended daily serving, Micronized Creatine will help you to build muscle, gain mass and support strength and power during your workouts. As a micronized powder, this supplement is designed to stay in solution longer than other non-micronized powders, which makes it a market leader and consistently one of our top 10 creatine supplements.


  • Serving size: 5g
  • Pure creatine monohydrate


Muscletech Cell Tech

This is the best creatine supplement Australia has to offer for those looking to gain muscle mass quickly. The core ingredients in Cell Tech include creatine paired with important amino acids that help the body to gain mass quickly. With this patented formula, your body will be receiving a combination of creatine monohydrate and creatine HCI, which come together to create a dose of creatine far higher than other products on the market. The delivery system ensures that you receive the insulin boost in your blood that primes your muscles for hyper saturation as well as mass retention.


  • Serving size: 49g (1 scoop)
  • 586kj of pure energy
  • 36g of carbohydrates
  • 14g of sugar
  • 35mg magnesium
  • 45mg sodium
  • Vitamins C, B6 and B12


Elemental Nutrition Creatine HCL

For pure hydrochloride creatine that works hard to improve your progress both inside and outside of the gym, you can’t go past Elemental Nutrition’s Creatine HCL. Ideal for people who train regularly and are seeking to improve strength, the beauty of HCL is that you don't need to consume it with great amounts of water like other creatine supplements. With a small dose 30 minutes before training, you can improve your lifting and the results you get from it simply and easily.


  • Serving size: 3g in 200ml water
  • Barely any calories
  • No fats, carbs or sugars
  • 152mg of sodium
  • 2000mg of creatine HCL
  • Vitamin C, black pepper extract and protease


Underground Labs Creatine

Straight-up creatine monohydrate is what you will get from the Underground Labs Creatine product. With no fillers, binders or additives, you can be sure that you’re getting nothing but pure goodness from something that is often hailed as the best creatine supplement Australia has to offer. If you’ve been looking for the convenience of creatine capsules in Australia, Underground Labs can deliver. There’s no fuss needed with mixing powders. Simply take your pill and you’ll be on your way.


  • Serving size: 3 capsules daily
  • 1800mg creatine monohydrate
  • 5mg black pepper extract


Rule 1 Creatine

If you’re looking for a fast-absorbing muscle builder, Rule 1 Creatine is the answer. With a formula that is designed to boost energy levels, increase strength and build muscle, this pharmaceutically graded supplement is everything you need to build up your workouts for the best possible outcomes. This pure creatine monohydrate has been designed to work cumulatively, so with daily dosage, you can expect to see the best results in 2-4 weeks.


  • Serving size: 5g
  • 100% creatine monohydrate


Promera Health Con-Cret

Just like concrete, this pure creatine HCL supplement will help you achieve tougher, fuller muscles at a rapid speed. With a formula that is readily absorbed by your body with no fillers, binders or sugars involved, Promera Health Con-Cret is the perfect supplement for those looking to improve their strength, power and gains in the gym. Boost your Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) for higher energy levels so you can power through your workouts like a pro.


  • Serving size: 950mg
  • Less than 3 calories


EHP Labs Crea-8

Create your best body with EPH Labs Crea-8, the purest form of creatine monohydrate on the market. By focusing on only including the purest ingredients, EPH Labs have designed a pharmaceutical-grade product that minimises side effects like water retention, migraines or jitters. Reach your fitness goals safely with Crea-8 creatine powder.


  • Serving size: 5g
  • No fats, calories or carbohydrates


Max’s Lab Series Creatine X8

Max’s Lab Series Creatine offers a fast and sustained release of this highly concentrated hybrid creatine formula. The X8 product offers the ability to improve energy and increase muscular gains through a high dose of bioavailable creatine. With none of the drawbacks from lesser products like water retention or poor absorption, Creatine X8 allows you to reach your fitness goals with the best creatine supplement in Australia.


  • Serving size: 5g
  • Tri Creatine Malate 750mg
  • Creatine Ethyl Ester 750mg
  • Creatine Monohydrate 750mg
  • Creatine HCL 750mg
  • Creatine Anhydrous 500mg
  • Creatine Gluconate 500mg
  • Di Creatine Malate 500mg
  • Tri Creatine Orotate 500mg


BSN Creatine

Supporting high-intensity exercise and explosive power, BSN Creatine is all that you need to pull off a great workout and increase your muscle gain. This micronised powder makes for easy absorption to support you in a range of workout styles, from interval training to lifting weights.  


  • Serving size: 5g
  • 100% Micronized Creatine Monohydrate


Creatine Shortage

Yes. There was a global shortage of creatine that is affecting both the availability & price of creatine supplements in Australia. This issue however has now abated with improved supply chains. The issues began in early 2021 when the main raw materials (Hydroxy-acetonitrile & Cyanimide) required to make creatine had supply disruptions in China. Since then and without going into the various additional contributing factors including covid supply chain challenges, there was an international shortage of creatine that extended into 2022. Manufacturers of the highest quality creatine such as Alzchem Germany who produce Creapure® creatine monohydrate were overwhelmed with demand and just could not supply enough to satisfy the international demand.


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