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Dialed Carnage
Dialed Carnage
Powered By: The X Athletics

Xtreme Stimulant Pre-Workout - Dial Up Your Workouts

  • TXA's Strongest Pre Workout Ever
  • Ultra High Active Ingredients Including 450mg of Caffeine
  • Explosive Energy, Focus, & Pumps Like Never Before
  • Specifically Designed for Experienced Users Seeking Maximum Results
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Experience the next level of intensity with Dialed Carnage Pre-Workout. Manufactured by The X-Athletics (TXA), this powerhouse formula is specifically designed for experienced users & fitness enthusiasts who demand superior results from their pre-workout. Dialed Carnage takes the already potent Dialed formula and amplifies it, delivering higher doses of key ingredients to unlock your true carnage potential.

Dialed Carnage: Main Ingredients & Key Benefits

Carnage Energy Matrix

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (450mg): Provides explosive energy, heightened focus, & increased alertness
  • Juglans Regia (English Walnut Extract) (250mg): Amplifies energy levels & mental drive for maximum performance
  • L-Theanine (250mg): Works synergistically with caffeine to enhance focus, reduce jitters, and provide a smooth energy experience
  • Black Pepper Extract (50mg): Aids in the absorption and bioavailability of other ingredients
  • Citrus Aurantium (Bitter Orange Extract Synephrine HCI) (30mg): Supports energy production & metabolic function

Carnage Performance + Pump Blend:

  • Citrulline Malate (6000mg): Enhances nitric oxide production for massive pumps & improved nutrient delivery
  • Beta Alanine (3200mg): Boosts muscle endurance and delays fatigue, allowing for more intense & prolonged workouts
  • Agmatine Sulphate (1000mg): Supports enhanced blood flow, nutrient uptake, & overall muscle performance
  • L-Norvaline (150mg): Helps to promote optimal blood flow & extended muscle pumps

Dialed Carnage: The Flavours

Dialed Carnage offers three exciting flavours: Gold Rush Lemon Crush, Silver Cowboy Classic Cola, & Sour Watermelon. Enjoy the invigorating taste of Gold Rush Lemon Crush, the timeless appeal of Silver Cowboy Classic Cola, or indulge in the tangy sweetness of Sour Watermelon. These irresistible flavours make your pre-workout experience both powerful & enjoyable.

In Summary

Unleash your ultimate performance with Dialed Carnage Pre-Workout. This advanced formula, powered by TXA, is specifically designed for individuals seeking maximum results. With higher doses of key ingredients including caffeine, Dialed Carnage delivers intense energy, razor-sharp focus, & mind-blowing pumps to help you crush your fitness goals like never before.

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  • Can I take Dialed Carnage in the evening or close to bedtime?

    Due to the high caffeine content in Dialed Carnage, it is not recommended to take it in the evening or close to bedtime. Caffeine can interfere with sleep patterns & may cause restlessness. It is advised to consume Dialed Carnage at least a few hours before your intended bedtime.

  • How long does the effect of Dialed Carnage last?

    The effects of Dialed Carnage can vary from person to person. Generally, you can expect the energy & focus-enhancing effects to last for a few hours after consumption. It is recommended to start with the lowest effective dose to assess your tolerance & adjust accordingly.

  • Can I mix Dialed Carnage with other beverages besides water?

    While Dialed Carnage is typically mixed with water, you may choose to mix it with other beverages of your preference. However, it is important to be mindful of the additional calories & ingredients present in those beverages, as it may affect your overall nutritional intake.

  • Are there any potential side effects of Dialed Carnage?

    Dialed Carnage contains caffeine, which may cause side effects such as increased heart rate, restlessness, or difficulty sleeping, especially if consumed in excessive amounts or if you are sensitive to stimulants. It is advised to follow the recommended dosage & consult a healthcare professional if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or concerns.

  • Is Dialed Carnage suitable for beginners or less experienced individuals?

    Dialed Carnage is specifically designed for experienced users & fitness enthusiasts who seek superior results from their pre-workout. It contains higher doses of key ingredients, making it more suitable for individuals with a higher tolerance to pre-workout supplements.

  • How should I consume Dialed Carnage?

    Mix 1 full scoop of Dialed Carnage with 1500ml of water and consume 15-20 minutes before exercise. It is recommended not to exceed 2 scoops within a 24-hour period.

  • What flavours does Dialed Carnage offer?

    Dialed Carnage is available in three exciting flavors: Gold Rush Lemon Crush, Silver Cowboy Classic Cola, & Sour Watermelon. Each flavor provides an invigorating & enjoyable taste to enhance your pre-workout experience.

  • What is Dialed Carnage?

    Dialed Carnage is a powerful pre-workout formula manufactured by The X-Athletics (TXA) designed to provide experienced users & fitness enthusiasts with superior results. It combines key ingredients in higher doses to amplify energy, focus, performance, & pumps during workouts.

  • Can beginners use Dialed Carnage Pre-Workout?

    No. Dialed Carnage is specifically formulated for experienced users due to its high-intensity ingredients. We recommend starting with a lower-stimulant pre-workout like TXA's standard Dialed pre-workout if you are new to these types of supplements.

  • How much Caffeine is in Dialed Carnage Pre Workout?

    There is 450mg of Caffeine Anhydrous in every serving of Dialed Carnage.

  • Is Dialed Carnage suitable for both men & women?

    Yes, Dialed Carnage Pre-Workout is designed to meet the needs of both men & women looking to push their performance to the limit. It is designed for users seeking a higher stimulant type pre-workout. We recommend beginning Dialed Carnage with a 1/4 or 1/2 scoop initially to assess your individual tolerance.

  • Can I take Dialed Carnage Pre-Workout before sleep?

    No. We recommend against taking Carnage before sleeping. Always follow the label recommendations.

  • How long does the energy boost from Dialed Carnage last?

    The energy boost can vary from person to person but may lasts for several hours, providing sustained energy throughout your workout & beyond.

  • Can I stack Dialed Carnage with other supplements?

    Yes, you can stack Dialed Carnage with other supplements like creatine or BCAAs to further enhance your training regimen. Do not combine with other stimulants. Always follow the label instructions.

  • Is Dialed Carnage safe to use?

    Dialed Carnage should be used as directed. It is important to follow the recommended dosage & avoid exceeding the maximum daily serving. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, consult a healthcare professional before use.

  • Can I take Dialed Carnage on non-training days?

    Dialed Carnage is primarily formulated for pre-workout use. However, some individuals may find it beneficial for days requiring extra focus or energy.

  • How long before my workout should I take Dialed Carnage?

    We recommend consuming Dialed Carnage approximately 15-20 minutes before your workout to allow the ingredients to take effect.

  • Does Dialed Carnage contain any banned substances?

    No, Dialed Carnage does not contain any banned substances on the product label. It is manufactured to meet strict quality standards. It is also however NOT certified for use in professional sports or third party batch tested for compliance.

  • Can I adjust the serving size of Dialed Carnage?

    Dialed Carnage should be consumed as directed, using one full scoop at most. We recommend beginning with a half scoop or less.

  • Can I take Dialed Carnage if I'm sensitive to caffeine?

    No you cannot. Dialed carnage is a high caffeine formula. We recommend finding a non-stimulant pre-workout or a product with less caffeine than Dialed carnage.

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Dialed Carnage
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Summary Of Reviews
Dialed Carnage is a pre-workout supplement that users have found to be a potent and effective stimulant. However, users have mixed experiences with the product, with some finding it too sweet or causing itching reactions, while others enjoy the taste and feel energized by it.
Provides strong, effective stimulation
Easy to mix
Good taste, especially vanilla cola
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David F
Dialed Carnage
330g / 25 Serves Sour Watermelon + Free Gifts
Love it. A real hit. Even at my age it gives a real kick. Love it when it kicks in. Easy to mix. Great taste. Effective stim.
Collected via Trustpilot
Jamie T
Dialed Carnage
330g / 25 Serves Sour Watermelon + Free Gifts
Awsome pre work out
Collected via Trustpilot
Anthony L
Dialed Carnage
330g / 25 Serves Silver Cowboy Classic Cola + Free Gifts
Wasn't a real fan it's very sweet to tell you the truth, some one else might enjoy it
Collected via Trustpilot
Dylan Z
Dialed Carnage
330g / 25 Serves Sour Watermelon + Free Gifts
Not for me, gave me the worst itching I’ve ever had from a pre workout that lasted at-least 45 minutes. Couldn’t focus on my workout because my whole body was so itchy.
Dakoda M
Dialed Carnage
330g / 25 Serves Silver Cowboy Classic Cola + Free Gifts
strongest pre i've ever taken. the vanilla cola tasted good but would like to try other flavours aswell
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