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Welcome to PRIME, a brand that provides a range of sports drinks, drink mixes, and energy drinks created & marketed by Prime Hydration, LLC. The company is partially owned & promoted by Logan Paul and KSI. PRIME was founded on January 4, 2022, & is affiliated with Congo Brands, an experienced company in the beverage space. The Prime Brand was initially sold in Australia by Mr Supplement. Being Australia's first retailer of the Prime brand is a fact we are very proud of. The first retail orders of Prime Hydration were dispatched from our Sydney warehouse on June 7th, 2022.

The Prime Hydration sports drinks, drink mixes & Prime Energy drinks, under the PRIME brand, are available in various flavours such as Blue Raspberry, Grape, Lemon Lime, Meta Moon, Orange, Strawberry Watermelon & Tropical Punch. The energy version Prime Energy was launched in the United States in January 2023 & is sold in Blue Raspberry, Lemon Lime, Orange Mango, Strawberry Watermelon & Tropical Punch.

PRIME has an impressive track record in advertising & has been a sponsor for Timmy Hill's number 13 car for the NASCAR circuit. The brand has also secured joint marketing agreements with Premier League club Arsenal & the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Moreover, PRIME was promoted during Super Bowl LVII commercials, costing 6-7 million USD. In February 2023 Logan Paul & KSI on a promotional tour visited Perth & Sydney in Australia. The visit was nothing short of a sensation with thousands of people lining the street hoping to meet or get a glimpse of their favourite YouTubers. 

The Prime brand By Logan Paul x KSI was developed to fill the void where great taste meets function. With bold, thirst-quenching flavours to help you refresh, replenish, and refuel, Prime is the perfect boost for any endeavour, be it hydration or energy. At the time of writing Prime is the fastest-growing sports beverage brand on the planet. We’re confident you’ll love it as much as we do. 

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