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Cable Cross Over - Phase 4
Cable Cross Overs - Phase 4 - Hypertrophy Phase 2 - Day 4: The cable crossovers are a great exercise for keeping tension on the pecs. Remember that the motion is round in nature & not a press. Make sure your back is nice & flat & your chin is up. Squeeze the contraction till your hands come together. Stepping forward slightly will allow you to use a bit more weight. During Hypertrophy Phase 2, aim for 3 sets of 15, 12 & 10 reps with only 1 minute break in between. Pyramid the weights up, while pyramiding the reps down set for set. Don'ts - Not activating the core, rounding the back, keeping the chin down & losing control of the weight are all to be avoided. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Nathan Wallace - Natural Bodybuilder
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