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Decline Machine Press - Phase 4
Decline Machine Press - Phase 4 - Hypertrophy Phase 2 - Day 4: This is the last exercise for the chest in Hypertrophy Phase 2; the decline chest press. As this is a pin loaded machine & you won't be using a lot of your stabilising muscles, use every last bit of strength & energy you have. Maintaining a one & half shoulder width grip, set the height of the seat according to your height. While your elbows do come into the body slightly, you will still be accentuating the lower pec. Your upper chest will still get worked but you can't isolate any part of the chest. Finish off your chest workout with 3 reps of 12, 10 & then 8 reps, pyramiding the weight up & using that last bit of intensity to finish strong. Don'ts - Having no control, having your head forward & not keeping the shoulders & head back on the bench will mean you're not engaging the chest. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Nathan Wallace - Natural Bodybuilder
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