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Introduction to Phase 4 - Advanced Hypertrophy Workouts
Training Phase 4 - Hypertrophy Phase 2: Now is the time to really build some lean muscle tissue here. This is pretty much the last of your training phases. We've already gone through Muscular Endurance for Phase 1, Strength for Phase 2 & Hypertrophy 1 for Phase 3. Basically, this phase will involve increasing the volume of what we did in Hypertrophy 1. What we're trying to do is to lift more weight within the same given time period. So basically, either increasing one set per exercise or increasing a whole extra exercise. So instead of 3 exercises per body group, we're going to do 4. This will mean we're increasing the volume; more load on the muscle will mean more muscle growth. During this phase, we will still be employing the pyramid training principle. That is, we'll be pyramiding up in weight, getting stronger each set & down in reps. This final phase will be about building upon Hypertrophy 1 & building even more lean muscle tissue, which is what we want. Hypertrophy 2 - let's build some muscle mass! Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion

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