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Barbell Shrug - Phase 4
Barbell Shrug - Phase 4 - Hypertrophy Phase 2 - Day 1: This is the only exercise you'll be doing for the traps, so ensure you're putting in maximum effort. Maintain a shoulder width grip & squeeze the traps to get the weight up as high as you can. Remember to have good posture, chest & chin up & pull in the navel to activate the transverse abdominus or the core. Squeeze at the top before lowering the weight down slowly, keeping the tension on the traps the whole time. For Hypertrophy Phase 2, pyramid the weights up for each of the 3 sets of 15, 12 & 10 reps. Really go strong with this exercise as it's going to give you that thickness & density you're after. Don'ts - Don't use too wide or too close of a grip. Also avoid using the lower back, the calves or the quads to get momentum. Using too much weight & not being able to control it is the main thing to watch out for. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Joel Ramintas - Natural Bodybuilder

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