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Machine Squat - Phase 4
Machine Squats - Phase 4 - Hypertrophy Phase 2 - Day 5: This is the final exercise for the quads; the machine squat. You can use a variety of machines including the hack squat or the one used here which is the hammer strength V squat. The V squat is also a controlled exercise and since it's on a machine, there is less use of the stabilising muscle, but it is still important to pull the navel in to activate the core. Lower slowly under control down to the bottom position before driving through the quads to the top position. Maintain a soft knee at the top of the movement and never lock the knees in any squatting movement. As this is the last exercise for the quads, finish strong with 3 sets of 15, 12, and 10 reps, pyramiding the weight up with each set. Don'ts - Avoid repping too fast and locking the knees at the top. Remember that this is Hypertrophy Phase 2, so we're using 4 exercise for the quads as we want to stimulate maximum overload and growth response. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Joel Ramintas - Natural Bodybuilder
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