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Up & Down The Rack | Dumbbell Hammer Curl

Tip of the Week - "Up & Down The Rack | Dumbbell Hammer Curl" - If you want to increase the strength and size of your forearm muscles, the Up & Down the Rack technique is for perfect. Combining higher reps and a longer time under tension, your forearm muscles will be burning at the end of this exercise. To start, grab three pairs of dumbbells, each pair slightly heavier than the last. Perform 8 reps of hammers curls with the lightest pair of dumbbells before moving straight onto the next heaviest pair and performing 8 more reps. At the end of this second set, move on immediately and perform another 8 reps with the heaviest weight before doing 8 more reps with the 2nd heaviest weight. Finish off the entire set with 8 final reps of the lightest weight. Presented by Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion

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