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Back Giant Set - Close Grip Pulldown & Cable Pullover

Tip of the Week - "Back Giant Set - Close Grip Pulldown | Cable Pullover | Close Grip Pulldown" - A plateau busting workout technique for the back, this giant set will help you build mass and pump some blood into your back ready for a gruelling back workout. To start, grab a close grip attachment and placing your foot on the seat, slowly bring the handle towards your chest by squeezing the upper back. Hold the position at the top of the movement before letting the weight fall back to its original position getting a great stretch while doing so. Aim for 12 reps before moving straight onto the Cable Pullover. To start, grab a long bar, bend your hips slightly forward while keeping a straight back and slowly bring the bar down. Make sure your arms are straight with the slightest of bends in the elbow. Once the bar is at the bottom of the movement, hold the position before letting the bar get back to its original position. Aim for another 12 reps before moving onto the Sitting Down Close Grip Pulldown. Using the same close grip attachment, sit down, locking your legs into the leg pads and slowly pull the attachment towards your upper chest by retracting the scapula or shoulder blades. Hold the position at the bottom before letting the weight return to the start position. Aim for another 12 reps to complete the Giant Set. For beginners, aim for 2 Giant Sets, while advanced trainers should aim for 3 full sets. Presented by Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion

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