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Tri Sets Triceps - Tricep Extensions & Close Grip Bench Press
Advanced Training - Phase 5 - Triset #2 Triceps: Overhead Dumbbell Extension/Close Grip Bench Press/Overhead Dumbbell Extension. For the overhead dumbbell extension, we're aiming for 10 reps. It is a great isolation movement for the triceps as it places it under constant tension and is also a great way to finish off the triceps. Moving on to the close grip bench press for 8 reps. Keep the elbows in to the side of the body as this will focus more on the triceps rather than the chest. Finish off the triset with 6 reps or till failure of the overhead dumbbell extension. Aim for 2 sets for beginner-intermediate trainers & 3 for the more advanced. Nick Jones - World Champion Bodybuilder & Sasho Ognenovski - Natural Bodybuilder
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