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Tri Sets Hamstrings - Glute Bridge & Lying Leg Curl
Triset #1 Hamstrings: Lying Leg Curl/Glute Bridge/Lying Leg Curl. For the first set of lying leg curls, aim for 10 reps. Ensure your body is flat against the bench and you're squeezing the hamstrings at the top of the movement. Moving onto the glute bridge for 10 reps. This exercise will really activate the glute and hamstrings, so don't get fooled by its simplicity. Weight can be added to the hips if you find the exercise starts to get easy. Finish off the triset with 4-6 reps or till failure for the lying leg curl. A few forced reps can help you finish the set strong. Aim for 2 sets for beginner-intermediate trainers & 3 for the more advanced. Nick Jones - World Champion Bodybuilder & Mario de Vega - Natural Bodybuilder
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