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Tri Sets Abs - Hanging Leg Raises & Ball Crunch Plus The Plank
Advanced Training - Phase 5 - Triset #1 - Abs: Hanging Leg Raise/Ball Crunches/Plank. The plank is only an additional exercise for more advanced trainers who really want to build up their core strength and work on their stability. For the hanging leg raise, we're looking at doing 12-20 reps with perfect form and no swinging. Moving on to the ball crunches for 10 reps. Remember that the movement is short in nature. Finish off the triset here or if you want to work on the core strength, aim for 30-60 seconds on the plank. This will really activate the abdominal wall, the obliques and the serratus and really work the core. Always draw the navel up into the spine to activate the abdominal wall. Aim for 2 sets for beginner-intermediate trainers and 3 for the more advanced. - Nick Jones - World Champion Bodybuilder & Mario de Vega - Natural Bodybuilder
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