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Tri Sets Biceps - EZ Bar Curl & Reverse EZ Bar Curl
Triset #1 Biceps: Ezy Barbell Curl/Reverse Grip Ezy Barbell Curl/Ezy Barbell Curl. For the first set of the Ezy Barbell Curl, go for 10 reps with perfect form. Maintain a shoulder width or just wider grip and keep tension on the biceps at all times, taking longer on the down phase to really stimulate muscle growth. Moving on to the Reverse Grip EZY Barbell Curl to work more of the brachialis and the forearms. You might find that you aren't as strong with this grip. Finish off the triset with 4 reps or till failure for the Ezy Barbell Curl. Aim for 2 sets for beginner-intermediate trainers and 3 for the more advanced. Only rest for 60 seconds in between sets. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Sasho Ognenovski - Natural Bodybuilder
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