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Tri Sets Biceps - Seated Dumbbell Curl & Hammer Curl
Triset #2 Biceps: Seated Dumbbell Curl/Hammer Curl/Seated Dumbbell Curl. For the first seated dumbbell curl, aim for 10 reps and really getting a fantastic stretch for the bicep. You won't be able to use as much weight, so it's important to keep strict form and avoid using momentum in order to really hit the muscles. Moving on to the hammer curl for 10 reps to hit the brachialis. Finish off the triset with 4 reps or till failure for the seated dumbbell curl. Remember to push the intensity and go to complete muscular failure. Some forced reps will really push your results through the roof. Aim for 2 sets for beginner-intermediate trainers & 3 for the more advanced. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Sasho Ognenovski - Natural Bodybuilder
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