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High Intensity Barbell Row

High Intensity Training – Barbell Row – Building a massive upper back takes more than knowing which exercises to do, it’s about upping the intensity. The rest-pause method is a great way to add this intensity, especially with heavier sets. After a few warm up sets and 1 working set of 8 reps to build our strength, increase the weight for the barbell row so that you can only perform 4-6 reps at most. After the initial set; drop the weight, rest and pause for 10-15 seconds before lifting the same weight for 2-3 reps. Drop the weight again, rest and pause one last time before lifting the same weight for 1 more rep. The rest-pause method is a fantastic way to add bulk and intensity to your workouts to get the bulk you want around the back area or any muscle group. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Nathan Wallace – Mr Australia

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