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Incline Barbell Press - Phase 2

The Incline Barbell Bress - Phase 2 - Day 4 - Strength. An excellent exercise to accentuate the upper chest. Complete one set of 6-8 reps of the Incline Barbell Press exercise in this phase to help build size and strength in your upper chest. Keep the movement controlled throughout. While you'll always be hitting the whole chest with any pressing movement due to the way the muscle is attached, the addition of the incline will focus the strain onto the upper portion of the chest. This will achieve a thicker, fuller look. Start the exercise with your arms fully extended, lowering the weight down for about 3 seconds with your elbows out to the side. Once the bar almost touches the top of the chest, explode the weight up by extending your arms & squeezing the chest at the top of the movement for 1 second. Keep your head on the bench. Don't tuck in your chin, especially at the bottom of the movement or lower the bar too far in front of your chest. Also avoid bouncing the barbell off your chest to get the weight up as this puts you at risk of injury. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Joe Grima - IFBB Bodybuilding Champion

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