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Flat Dumbbell Bench Press - Phase 2

The Dumbbell Flat Bench Press - Phase 2 - Day 4 - Strength. Get a greater range of motion & really work the entire chest with this exercise. Aim for 6-8 reps in your working set. Use this exercise to train your pecs as it gives you a greater range of motion than the barbell bench press. As it is a unilateral exercise, both sides of the pecs get equal stimulation, helping to reduce muscular imbalances. Starting with the weights together and the arms extended, lower them slowly & in a controlled manner. Drive the the weight up, squeezing the chest to get the most out of this exercise. Don't arch your lower back or tuck your chin in, or use partial reps to get the most out of this exercise. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Joe Grima - IFBB Bodybuilding Champion

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