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Hanging Leg Raise - Phase 2

Hanging Leg Raise - Phase 2 - Day 5 - Strength. Complete the Hanging Leg Raise for one set to muscular failure. Ensure that you keep this movement strict and controlled throughout. Add a couple of extra reps each week. The Hanging Leg Raise is an effective exercise for the abs & targets the lower abs, but also trains the total ab wall. Squeeze your abs to bring your legs up as high as possible. Tilt the hips/pelvis, which will work the obliques more, as a variation. Increase the amount of repetitions by 2-4 reps each week up to 30 reps before using weights. This exercise will help you build up the abs to help you with your strength/compound moves. Don't use momentum or swing the body to bring your legs up. Stabilise your body &  squeeze your abs to complete the exercise. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Zoran Lekic - Bodybuilder.

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