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Barbell Deadlift- Phase 2
Traditional Barbell Deadlift - Phase 2 - Day 2 - Strength. This is a must learn exercise in the gym. Powerlifters attest to it, but it is also a great exercise for bodybuilding as it helps strengthen the lower back, glutes & hamstrings. The lower lats will also come into play. Therefore it is a great exercise to do either on a hamstring or a back day. Always use great posture & technique. To initiate the exercise, lower the weight slowly & in a controlled manner for 3 seconds. Let the bar touch the wall briefly before exploding back up with control. Don'ts - Avoid dropping the bar too quickly on the way down or have the bar too far out in front of your legs which can strain the back. Rounding your lower back & having poor posture will also place your lower back at risk. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Zoran Lekic - Bodybuilder.
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