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Front Squat - Phase 2

Front Squat - Phase 2 - Day 5 - Strength. Complete 1 set only of 6-8 reps to hit the quads, lower back, glutes & hamstrings. Considered one of the hardest exercises, complete this exercise with full control throughout, completing full and deep reps each time and with perfect posture, otherwise you risk injury. The Front Squat is a great exercise which hits more of the quads than back squats, & also works the lower back, glutes & hamstrings. The greater knee flexion activates the quads more. Remember to keep the bar high on the shoulders & use your hands to keep the bar tucked in, to prevent it from dropping out during the exercise. The elbows should be high too to prevent the bar from rolling forward. Lower yourself slowly for 2-3 seconds then drive back up for a second in an explosive movement. Your upper leg should be just below parallel at the bottom of the movement. Use good posture meaning that your head, chin, chest & elbows are all up & avoid jerking movements. Don't bring the elbows down as you could lose control of the bar. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Zoran Lekic - Bodybuilder.

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