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Rich Gaspari - Starting Gaspari Nutrition

An interview with Rich Gaspari on starting Gaspari Nutrition - Rich Gaspari tells about how and when he started Gaspari Nutrition.

I started Gaspari Nutrition almost 15 years ago. Many people will remember that my last shows were in 1997. But I had a lot of injuries because I trained so crazy. I had some problems with my neck and lower back. I came in 2nd and 5th in some pro shows, but I knew I had to step back and do something else. I herniated a disc in my neck in 1998 and was bedridden. At the time, I had a gym, was personal training, and I was selling products. I realised I could no longer bodybuild and I couldn't use my physique, so I had to use my head. I started Gaspari Nutrition while I was in bed and healing from my injury. Rich Gaspari (Former Arnold Classic Champion & 3x Mr Olympia runner up) & Nick Jones (World Bodybuilding Champion).

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