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Rich Gaspari - Side Lateral Raise
Rich Gaspari's Workout Tips - Delt Exercise 2 - Side Lateral Dumbbell Raise: This is an exercise that is notorious for being done improperly by almost all bodybuilders including some pros. When coming up, make sure you turn thumbs forward, like if your pouring water, and throw your shoulders forward to hit more of the side head of the delt. It is better to be seated to prevent jerking and to maintain strict form. Perform three sets, go up the weights, and with 45 seconds to a minute rest in between. Then do five drop sets until failure with no rests in between. This engorges blood into the muscle, pushing it to grow. Rich Gaspari (Former Arnold Classic Champion & 3x Mr Olympia runner up) & Nick Jones (World Bodybuilding Champion).
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