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Rich Gaspari - Choosing Gaspari Athletes

An interview with Rich Gaspari on choosing Gaspari Nutrition athletes - Richard Gaspari has picked incredible ambassadors for his brand and explains what he looks for when picking athletes to sponsor and to represent team Gaspari.

First we want to have a bodybuilder, fitness competitor, or MMA fighter that are top athletes. But I also want to see someone who’s ambitious, someone who has some smarts, someone who can push the brand, use the products, and believe in the brand like I do. I’m not going to sign up a person who doesn’t believe in my products. I’m never going to sign someone up and just give them a pay cheque to be in a magazine. I pick athletes like Ada Cowan, Hide Yamagishi, and Flex Lewis because they are great spokesmen for the brand. We make our athletes go on tour to push the brand, and we make them and market them as the biggest bodybuilder even before they win. One of the things we look at is social media, we look at followers on Twitter and Facebook, because if they have a following we can help them grow that following more. We can brand them, grow them as a brand, and help them grow my brand as well. I don’t look at just the genetics of an athlete, I look at their appeal to the public. If they have a great appeal, we’ll sign them up.

I have a following as Rich Gaspari the bodybuilder, but I had to rebrand myself as Rich Gaspari the bodybuilder who started the company, and now I have a whole new following. I have 14 year old kids who are fans and emailing me and recognising me in shopping malls or events. It’s really great to see that because I have the older generation who were fans from when I was competing, and now I have the kids who use Gaspari Nutrition and love the knowledge we give them with Gaspari TV. I can go somewhere and the kids won’t recognise a top bodybuilder form the 80s, but they will know who Rich Gaspari is. I was pretty good at branding myself and I continue to brand myself. Rich Gaspari Rich Gaspari (Former Arnold Classic Champion & 3x Mr Olympia runner up) & Nick Jones (World Bodybuilding Champion).

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