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Rich Gaspari - Role Models

An interview with Rich Gaspari on his role model - Rich Gaspari did not have the best genetics, but he was still one of the top bodybuilders of his time because of his extraordinary work ethic. He tells of his personal background, role models, and where he got his work ethic from.

I'm an Italian-American, my father immigrated from Italy and arrived at Canada at the age of 30 before going to the United States at 42. He didn't speak any English and went with $5 in his pocket. But he had a will to go to North America and be successful because he heard it was the land of opportunity. My father was a great influence in my life because he always said you can't get anything without working hard. He was a brick layer and I saw how hard he worked before he built an empire for himself and doing very well. He told me he came to America for me, to give me these opportunities. I always listened to that, I took that opportunity, and I went with it. Rich Gaspari (Former Arnold Classic Champion & 3x Mr Olympia runner up) & Nick Jones (World Bodybuilding Champion).

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