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Marcus Ruhl - Cable Cross Over
Working Out With Marcus Ruhl - Exercise 3 - Cable Cross Over: This is the perfect exercises to get an intense pump and to finish the chest off. There are many different styles, but the one that works extremely well is when you squeeze the cables together and cross your hands over. Remember to squeeze and flex at the top of the movement. Avoid standing straight next to the weights as this will train shoulders more. Step forward a little and bend forward to really hit the chest. After these 3 exercises, if you've been really concentrating on the muscle and doing good movements, your chest is done. Normally I would also train smaller muscle groups earlier in the day such as traps, calves and abs. It's also important to do some cardio in the off season as you want to build up a healthy cardiovascular system. Marcus Ruhl - IFBB Professional & Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion
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