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Marcus Ruhl's Career
An Interview With Marcus Ruhl - On Career Highlights

Probably one of my favourite times on the stage was the mr Olympia 2004. I actually forgot about this until I saw a video package recently of that comp. It was the challenge round and I had beat a couple of guys like Dexter Jackson and my next competition was Ronnie Coleman. I was like 'How can I beat Ronnie Coleman?' But I tried and I think maybe 80% of the audience thought I had beat Ronnie, but the judges gave it to Ronnie anyway. After the comp, he comes back to me and says 'Look Marcus, you know you beat me,' and I told him 'It's alright, it's an honour for me to be with you on stage....and I know I'm better than you.' I added in jokingly. That was such a crazy and funny moment for me. But Ronnie is definitely a legend and it annoys me when people are disrespectful to legends. For example, back at the German FIBO (the Leading International Trade Show for Fitness, Wellness and Health), Ronnie had walked through the Ultimate booth and no one even looked at him and I found that disrespectiful. But that's the thing with bodybuilding. Unless you're on the stage at the moment and famous, you're forgotten. I even overhead one guy go 'Hey Ronnie looks small and fat.' And I said to him 'You know what F*&$head, he's a legend.' Marcus Ruhl - IFBB Professional & Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion
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