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Marcus Ruhl On Turning IFBB Professional
An Interview With Marcus Ruhl - On Turning Professional

After I won the 1997 German Overall, I was preparing for the World Amateur Champion show which was in October. However, Wayne DeMilia, the chairman of the IFBB Pro at the time called me up and said 'Hey Marcus, I saw pictures of you in the German Overall. How would you like to make the pro cut? Cause I want to have you next year in New York for the New York Pro.' I was surprised and said 'Oh my God, what's going on now? I see all these big guys in the magazines and now I have to sand next to them?'

I can remember Paul Dillet was one of the first Pro guys I've ever seen. I mean, I was wide at the time, but he was twice as big as I was. I remember I went to New York to the Beacon Theatre where the Night of Champions was being held and Paul Dillet walks out of the elevator and was one of the first Pro guys I saw and I was like 'What the F%$& am I doing here. But we stood together on stage and I beat him. At that first Pro comp, I placed 4th and this was the show that Ronnie Coleman had won after his Mr Olympia win in 1998. I've done a lot of competitions with Ronnie over the years and the nice thing was that I was with a legend on stage. The bad thing was that he was always ahead of me. People often say that I'm one of the biggest Pro's of all time and when I first started everyone was like 'Whoa', but I never felt the way people saw me. You know how it is, you look into the mirror and you see a little baby walking around. I was surprised myself when I weighed 118kg in my first pro comp. I won the German Overall at 115kg and was the heaviest guy who had ever competed at the show at that time. But I didn't get a callout, turns out, they decided to just give me the title. Marcus Ruhl - IFBB Professional & Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion
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