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Wide Grip Pull Down - Phase 3
Wide Grip Pull Down - Phase 3 - Hypertrophy Phase 1 - Day 2: This is exercise number 1 for the back in Hypertrophy Phase 1; the widegrip pulldown. Ensure that your grip is wide & sit into the machine with your back very upright. Elbows should be out to the side & it is very important to retract the scapula or the shoulder blades at the bottom of the movement. This exercise mainly hits the upper back. A variation to the lat pulldown is where you sit close into the machine & lean back slightly. This will help you get a great contraction through the mid back, the rhomboids, the lower & mid traps as well as the teres major. This is a really great exercise for the upper back & you will be aiming for 4 sets. A warmup set of 15 reps should be completed before completing three working sets of 12, 10 & 8 reps, increasing the weight as you go. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Nathan Wallace - Natural Bodybuilder
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