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Hanging Leg Raise - Phase 3
Hanging Leg Raises - Phase 3 - Hypertrophy Phase 1 - Day 5: Finish off day 5 with some abdominal exercises. For the hypertrophy phase, we're going to be looking at two exercises; the hanging leg raise & the crunches. The abs have already been hit indirectly during the big compound movements such as the squats & even the standing calf raises on the machine. As long as you pull the navel in, which you should during any compound movement, your abs are getting activated & will be working really hard. The two exercises we will look at todat is the hanging leg raise which will accentuate the lower abs before finishing off with the crunches which will work the upper abs & the whole midsection. It is very important to stabilise yourself during the hanging leg raise. You will be using & activating all the stabilising muscles around the shoulders such as the rotator cuffs, etc. Pull in the navel at the bottom of the movement to start the contraction. This exercise will really accentuate the lower abs but will also hit the whole abdominal wall including the serratus & the obliques. For the hypertrophy phase, aim to do 3 sets of 12-15 reps. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Joel Ramintas - Natural Bodybuilder

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