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Standing Calf Raise - Phase 3
Standing Calf Raise - Phase 3 - Hypertrophy Phase 1 - Day 5: The standing calf raise will really hit the gastrocnemius, the bigger medial muscle in the calf as the knees or the legs are straight during the exercise. Depending on the equipment might need to look for variation in machines to do the standing calf raise. You could do the exercise on the Hack Squat or the Smith Machine. The standing calf raise shown is done on the V Squat Machine. Ensure that you have a shoulder width stance & put your calf under tension even from the beginning of the exercise. Your knees will be slightly bent, but locked in. Lower the weight slowly, stretching the calf as you do before coming up, driving through the balls of your feet & ending up high on the toes. As this is hypertrophy phase 1, aim for 20 reps for the initial warm up set, followed by 15 reps on the second set, 12 reps on the third set & a final set of 10 reps. Pyramid the sets with lower reps and with increasing weight. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Joel Ramintas - Natural Bodybuilder

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