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Who Benefits from Kettlebell Training
Kettlebell Training - Who Benefits from Kettlebell Training - Nick: So who will benefit from Kettlebell Training? Will a bodybuilder, corporates, fighters or athletes benefit from the training?

Andrew: Basically everyone will benefit, it all comes down to how you program your Kettlebell Training. As you said before, bodybuilders can get quite tight in the anterior muscles and chest. The predominant muscles you are using when you are using Kettlebells are your posterior chain, so the rear delts, the rhomboids, everything through the back including the glutes and hamstrings. So once again, great for pre-hab and for rehab and for opening up those shoulders. Kettlebell Training is also great for corporates who want to work through general conditioning and strengthening. Kettlebells can be used for strength training, for example in double overhead pressing. When you want to build strength using Kettlebells, that's where the double Kettlebell exercises come into play. Also the fact that they're two separate weights, so that both arms have to work independently of each other whilst still working together. Fighters, absolutely. Kettlebell Training is very dynamic and very functional and a lot of moves we do with the Kettlebell were developed for fighters in different stances and moves that you need to use in the ring or cage. People who want to lose weight will also find it beneficial. It's a great metabolic training tool and you'll be absolutely smashed with a 30 minute workout.

Nick: So anyone can do a whole workout in 30 minutes with a single set of Kettlebells, is that correct?

Andrew: Absolutely

Nick: There you have it guys, we're going to learn all the good stuff. It's a pleasure to have you with us Andrew and it's wonderful of you to share your secrets. And this guy is the absolute best in Australia to teach you all those secrets for overall conditioning and injury prevention.

Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Andrew Boyle - Founder of the Australian Kettlebell League
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