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Kettlebell Windmills

Kettlebell Training – Kettlebell Windmills - The kettlebell windmill is a great exercise for core stability, shoulder stability, and much more. Clean and press the kettlebell to get into the starting position. Andrew shows amazing flexibility while working the adductor on the left leg, and maintaining perfect posture. The bell is in line with the hips the whole way down.

Technique is vital to getting the best result and staying safe. To get the bell into an overhead position, you can either snatch or clean and press it. From there, secure the shoulder by checking positioning by looking past the biceps, arm close to the ear, shoulder set through the lats. Turn your feet away from the kettle bell. Adjust the width of your stance depending on your flexibility. Bring your feet closer if you are really flexible. The foot below the kettlebell points at 45 degrees, the other foot is almost 90 degrees. Kick your hips out to the side of the kettlebell, making sure they stay there through the whole movement. Other hand on the upper thigh, running that arm down the leg, making sure you maintain that neutral form throughout the entire movement. Arm remains vertical as you come back up, nice and strong through the core. You want to hold your breath through the whole movement, because the last thing you want is to get to the bottom, breath out, and lose tension in the core. That’s not good for the spine. When your core gets stronger, you can breathe in and out during the movement, but make sure you hold your breath when you’re first learning. Breathe in at the start. The kettlebell is in line with the hip the whole time.

Whenever you’re under load in a stretched position, it is very functional to prevent injury in your sport, MMA, etc. If you are strong in a stretched position, that’s the best you can do to prevent injury. You want to make sure you  have strength through that whole range of motion, which is what kettlebells are fantastic for.

Do both sides of your body by doing alternating reps or 5 reps each side. It’s a slow and controlled movement. You should be able to get through 4 reps in around 30 seconds. Don’t rush this exercise.

Nick Jones – World Bodybuilding Champion & Andrew Boyle - Founder of the Australian Kettlebell League

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