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Kettlebell Turkish Get Up
Kettlebell Training - Turkish Get Up - The Turkish Get-Up is probably the second most important exercise to learn for Kettlebell Training. There are no benches so we're just using our body. basically we're getting from the ground to an overhead position. The Turkish Get Up is great for shoulder stability, great for activating the core but also great for your proprioception (knowing where you are in space), because you have to go through all these movements. So this movement is ideal for most kinds of athletes, especially for the MMA athlete for the initial movements where you got to try and get someone off the ground. It's a similar sort of movement. To progress though the full Turkish Get Up, the first thing you want to do is check if the limbs are in the correct position. So, lying down on the ground, Kettlebell on the right hand side. The right leg will be bent at 90 degress at the knee with the foot out at 45 degrees from the body. The opposite arm is at 45 degrees with the palm facing down, while the opposite leg is at 45 degrees as well. That is the position at the start. Whenever you're picking the bell up off the ground, make sure that you bring yourself to the bell and bring it to your chest. Avoid using one hand as you can injure your shoulder.

The first movement is a press upwards from the right shoulder. From there, you'll force all your weight through that bent foot into the opposite elbow, whilst keeping the opposite foot and ankle still driven into the ground. Transition onto the hand and then rest, making sure you activate the core for the whole exercise. The next step is to lift your hips up off the ground so that the only thing touching the ground is your right foot and your opposite hand. From there, the opposite leg swings back and comes through. At this stage, make sure you are maintaining a neutral spine before coming up into a lunge position by straightening your body. From there, you want to lunge up and bring your feet together. At this final position, you want to ensure you're not pressing your shoulder up and out of the socket. Instead, the shoulder should be set and you should be able to look across and see past your right bicep. If not, your arm is too far forward. At the correct position, this exercise will really open up your chest and strengthen those muscles through the back.

Remember to keep the core activated throughout the exercise and that the right arm is close to your head which is the safest position your shoulder and be in. From there, you'll just do it in reverse fashion. Lunge backwards, place your opposite hand down on the ground. Raise your opposite leg off the ground and bring it back to the frount. Lean back down onto your left elbow and slowly lower your body back down to the ground. Bring the Kettelbell down to the chest and use two hands to get the Kettlebell back down. This exercise demands strict control and knowing exactly where the dumbbell and weight is. Rather than being an active movement to get the Kettlebell away, the Turkish Get Up is about moving yourself around the Kettlebell. You move yourself around the Kettlebell.

Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Andrew Boyle - Founder of the Australian Kettlebell League
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