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Benefits of Kettlebell Training
Kettlebell Training - Benefits of Kettlebell Training - Nick: So tell us Andrew, what are the benefits and purpose to training with kettlebells as opposed to training on commercial gym machines?

Andrew: Look, Kettlebells, they really are a great resistance training tool that are not like many other ones that you typically see in the gym. The fact that there's a ball and a handle means that they are a lot more easily used for dynamic sorts of exercises where you can go from one exercise into another. Dumbbells and barbells, they're still absolutely fantastic training tools.

Nick: Great to hear, I'm an avid bodybuilder so I love hearing that sort of stuff.

Andrew: Absolutely, I still use dumbbells and barbells all the time myself in my own training. It all depends on what the goals of your training are. One of the main things I like about Kettlebells is that you can easily flow from one exercise to the next. So if you're training for metabolic conditioning, it's absolutely fantastic. Second of all, it's very functional. When we're using Kettlebells, we don't have a bench, so our core is our bench.

Nick: And by core, what do you mean by core?

Andrew: So your core is all your muscles surrounding your spine. It's not just your abdominals. Your core is your transverse abdominus and your obliques; basically what stabilises your spine.

Nick: And the lower back, the erectors. It's all part of the core.

Andrew: Exactly, so when we're doing overhead presses, things like that, we don't have a bench to support our spine, our core is that support structure.

Nick: And how about stabilising muscles, around the shoulders and so forth. Do you get benefit from Kettlebell training with all those little stabilising muscles as well?

Andrew: Absolutely, there's one Kettlebell exercise in particular; the Turkish Get-Up, which basically takes your shoulder through every range of motion that it could possibly be. It's under load the entire time, but it's not an actual active pressing movement. So it's great for pre-hab or before injuries, as well as rehabilitation as well as just giving you very strong shoulders, which everyone needs for all your other lifts.

Nick: 100%. There you have it bodybuilders like myself. Over many many years of training, bodybuilders tend to get a lot of shoulder injuries, you know the front deltoid, the pecs, the internal rotators and the shoulder joint, they get very very tight. The externals, they don't get so strong, the rear deltoid, the teres, the infraspinatus. So we're going to get some great exercises to strengthen the whole shoulder girdle. And it's a great word, pre-hab, we're going to get some pre-hab here guys.

Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Andrw Boyle - Founder of the Australian Kettlebell League
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