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Kettlebell Snatches

Kettlebell Training – Kettlebell Snatches - The kettlebell snatch is a very functional exercise. This is an advanced move that requires you to know some other kettlebell techniques before you attempt this exercise. When doing the snatch, it is a ballistic exercise, and it is a progression of the swing. You need to make sure you can do the swing properly before you progress to this action. The overhead press and Turkish getup will also give you the stability in the shoulder, to make you feel more secure.

Use your posterior chain, the hamstring and glutes to perform this exercise. It’s a great power move. Set your feet slightly in front of the kettlebell, but don’t swing outwards or bring it into the chest, bring it straight up into an overhead position. Keeping it as close to the body and centre line as you can. In the starting position, feel a pre-stretch in your hamstring, driving up and contracting the glutes and hammies, and bring it straight up overhead. All the power is generated before the bell reaches hip height. From there, it is all momentum. At the top of the movement, you can lower the bell in a half snatch. Alternatively, you can bring the bell straight back down in a long cycle snatch. Make sure you keep the bell nice and close to your body to prevent it from coming back onto your forearm. It’s a great exercise for power, endurance, and the cardiovascular system.

Always maintain a neutral wrist position. This is the strongest, most stable, and safest position. But because of the uneven distribution of the bell, you need to constantly hold it in a way so that the weight pulls away from your hand. So all kettlebell exercises strengthen up the forearm.

Nick Jones – World Bodybuilding Champion & Andrew Boyle - Founder of the Australian Kettlebell League

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