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Origins of Kettlebell Training
Kettlebell Training - Origin of Kettlebell Training - Nick: Ladies and gentlemen, a very very special treat for you today. By popular demand, Kettlebell Training. We're joined today by Andrew Boyle from the Sydney Strength Academy, founder of the Australian Kettlebell League. Tell us Andrew, you're the expert on Kettlebell training here in Sydney, you've got your own gym. Tell us about Kettlebell training, what is the origins of Kettlebell training, where was it founded originally?

Andrew: Absolutely, so Kettlebell training originated in Russia. The Kettlebell was originally a counterbalance used by the Russian farmers as a measurement tool for their grains in their farms. The farmers tended to pick them up a lot because they were measuring a lot of their grain. They found they got great strength benefits from the Kettlebells. Over the past few hundred years, it has slowly progressed into a more formalised training technique. It's been used by the Russian/Soviet Special Forces over the past 100 years. The Russian Olympic team have also used it a lot. Pavel Tsatsouline, who is the guy who brought them into the US a little bit over 10 years ago and popularised them back into the mainstream gyms.

Nick: He was the guy I was waiting for you to talk about because he's one of the main guys who brought it to the West.

Andrew: Yes, while Kettlebells have shown up in gyms over the past 100 years in Australia as well as the US, but Pavel is the guy who made it a lot more mainstream. It's still got a little bit of way to go, but they're really starting to pop up in gyms now.

Nick: Right, I think in commercial gyms, in the last 5 years we've really seem them become popular.

Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Andrew Boyle - Founder of the Australian Kettlebell League
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