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Kettlebell Overhead Presses

Kettlebell Training – Kettlebell Overhead Presses - Start with the kettlebell clean to get the kettlebell into the correct rack position. It sits against your forearm, bicep, and chest. When doing the movement, make sure the kettlebell stays close to the body. Do not flare your arm and elbow out, keep everything nice and tight. Before doing the press, contract your core, squeeze your glutes, and drive your heels into the ground. The only thing moving is the upper body. Everything is nice and tense without any hip movement. The power travels straight down. In the extended position make sure you do not press your shoulder up, and the lat is pulling the shoulder down throughout the whole movement. Be sure you can look across past your bicep. You do not want your arm in front, same as when you’re doing a Turkish getup. This move really opens up the chest and gives you great flexibility through the pecs. On the way down, don’t just let it drop. It is a controlled decent, using your lats to pull it back down.

The move activates the core, really works the shoulders, deltoid, traps, all the stabalising muscles around the shoulders, the triceps, and lats. Be sure to use perfect technique to get the best results and to minimise injury.

Nick Jones – World Bodybuilding Champion & Andrew Boyle - Founder of the Australian Kettlebell League

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