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Pre Workouts for Women

What a woman wants from a workout can be pretty different from the goals of a man. Women have been hitting the gym in ever increasing numbers and the industry is starting to listen.

Pre-workout supplements have enjoyed a big increase in popularity over the past decade or so, evolving from simple NO boosters into complex products with a number of functions, some of which suit women more than others. This category of supplements, moreso than many others, is still overwhelmingly geared toward traditionally male-oriented goals, like increased vascularity, cell volumisation, and getting huge.

In an average formulation, ingredients that support these goals are are included alongside those that promote energy, focus, endurance and recovery, which are better aligned with what a lot of women desire from a pre-workout product. Women using such a product would be paying for unwanted ingredients, and missing out on others that can maximise the effect of their training and help sculpt a firm, toned body.

Thankfully, many manufacturers have realised that there is an increasing market for women who take their workouts seriously and have formulated pre-workouts specifically for women. Here are some of our picks:

FitMiss Ignite: FitMiss is a line of supplements especially formulated for women, produced by MusclePharm, market leaders known for their quality products. Ignite is a great mixture of ingredients that delay fatigue, boost energy and promote fat loss. FitMiss Ignite is great for its mixture of classic proven pre-workout staples with exciting new botanicals, and because it comes in super convenient single dose sachets.

Beauty Fit Beauty Strong: The Beauty Fit range sees overall health and fitness as the key to beauty. This is reflected in their range which is rich in natural nutrition products. Beauty Strong contains some great focus-enhancing ingredients, like PEA, gingko and phosphatidylserine, and supports strength building through endurance.

ProMera Con-Cret Women's Elite: The pioneers of creatine HCL have produced a no-nonsense strength supplement for women which also supports fat loss with proven botanical extracts, and contains B vitamins for health and endurance. Women's Elite relies on award winning quality ingredients, instead of falling back on stimulants, and is one of the only womens stim-free pre workouts on the market.

Musashi SLM: Carnitine could have been designed with a woman's pre-workout needs in mind. Not only does it direct the body to burn fat as fuel, but it can also increase the muscle's aerobic and anaerobic capacity, allowing the development of greater strength.

Sculpting a toned, lean physique is one of the things that brings many women to the gym. Fat metabolisers contain ingredients that burn fat, provide energy, and maintain focus. This is what many women want to push them through a workout and get results, and fat metabolisers are a popular choice for many women pre workout. Here are some of the best:

Musclewerks D-Fine8: One of the best fat metabolisers on the market, D-Fine8 could easily be grouped with the pre-workouts because it is designed to be taken before exercise. D-Fine8 contains an array of ingredients that work in a number of different ways to burn fat, is packed full of energy, and is rich in antioxidants that can speed muscle recovery.

EHP Labs OxyShred: OxyShred is probably the most popular fat burner on the market today and with good reason – its potent blend of both tried and true, and cutting edge ingredients makes it one of the most powerful thermogenics out there. But what many don't realise is how good it is as a pre workout. With taurine for stamina, L-Glutamine for recovery and L-Tyrosine for focus, OxyShred covers many bases.

Many women have never considered a pre-workout before, but there are sufficient quality products on the market that everyone should be able to find something that fits in with their health and fitness goals.

Consider the advantages of being able to train for longer and recovering faster while maintaining great focus and energy throughout your workout. Most importantly, consider the better, faster results!

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