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Ladies Smith Machine Squat
Training for Ladies - Day 3 - Exercise 2 - Smith Machine Squat: While this exercise uses less stabilisers than the traditional squat, however is still a great exercise to hit the whole leg as well as the butt. You will still need to activate the core to make the most of this exercise. Before beginning, ensure that the bar is sitting on the meaty part of the traps. Step forward about one foot in a shoulder width stance and then lower yourself down, starting with flexion of the hip joint. Ensure that your knees follow the line of the feet and to keep the tempo at around 3 seconds on the way down and 1 second on the way up. Don'ts - Avoid having the knees come in together or splaying out. Having your head too far forward is also not recommended. Aim for 3 sets x 15 reps with only 30 seconds rest in between sets. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Sally Matterson - INBA Australia Sportsmodel Winner.
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