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Ladies Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Training for Ladies - Day 1 - Exercise 1 - Dumbbell Shoulder Press: A great exercise to help activate the shoulders which is vital to achieving a great upper body shape. Start the exercise by having the dumbbells at ear level before pressing up and squeezing the dumbbells at the top of the movement. Ensure the movement is nice and smooth with a tempo of 3 seconds down and 1 second up. Ensure the dumbbell movement is in line with the ears and don't forget to pull in your navel to activate the core. This exercise will hit the entire shoulder girdle, the front, side and rear delts as well as the stabilising muscles around the shoulder. Don'ts - Avoid out of control repping, repping too fast or using too heavy a weight. Also avoid having the weight too far forward or too far back. Aim for 3 sets x 15 reps, 30 seconds rest in between sets. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Sally Matterson - INBA Australia Sportsmodel Winner.
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