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Ladies Dynamic Lunge Hamstring Stretch
Training for Ladies - Warm Up - Dynamic Lunge Hamstring Stretch: Begin this dynamic movement by lunging down ensuring that your front knee doesn't go in front of your toes. Keep the back knee about an inch off the floor and support yourself with the opposite hand to whichever foot is in front. This will keep tension on the hip flexors or psoas muscles. Push the front knee out to the side to stretch out the groin. Bring the elbow of the same side as your front leg down to help stretch further the groin, glutes and quads. Straighten the knee back up to the centre line for the hamstring stretch. The front leg will get a good hamstring stretch, while the back leg will get a good calf stretch. Bend your knees to get back into the lunge position before raising your back knee and lunging forward to start the entire stretch on the opposite side. Complete half a dozen of these on each leg with 3 seconds for each stretch and you'll be ready for any leg workout. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Hattie Boydle - INBA Australian Sportsmodel Champion.
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