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Ronnie Coleman Interview - Turning Professional
An Interview With Ronnie Coleman - Turning Professional. So after my first two shows, the next year I went back into Nationals and there was a show called World Championship Mr Universe. If you could win that show and past the drug test, you can go into the Mr Universe. Only thing was, the guys who placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd couldn't pass the drug test. And me placing 4th...actually I was the only one who showed up. Out of the 43 guys in my class, i was the only one who turned up to the drug test. And I passed and went to the World Championships. I won that and then turned pro. When I did the IFBB World Championships, there were about 64 countries, now there are over 100 countries so you're looking at over 1000 competitors, so if you can win the World Championships now, you deserve to turn pro.

After that, I went to my first pro show 5 months later; the Chicago Pro and placed 11th. The next show was the Night of Champions in which I placed 14th. After that I got to go into my first Mr Olympia in 1992. That year Dorian Yates won it and I didn't place at all. But it was a great feeling anyway knowing that in two years I had already come so far, so even though I didn't place, I still felt great. Ronnie Coleman - 8 Time Mr Olympia & Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion
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