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Ronnie Coleman Interview - Starting Bodybuilding
An interview With Ronnie Coleman - Getting Into Bodybuilding

When I was 12 years old, I had people come up to me and ask me all the time if I worked out. I started to say no, but I got tired of saying no and I started to wonder what I would look like if I did really work out. And so I started around the age of 12, just working out and continued that all through high school, college and even after college. One day, I went to the gym and someone (Brian Dobson) asked me if I was a bodybuilder. I said no, and then he said you should start bodybuilding. I told him I don't really like to diet or take steroids. Mostly I just liked eating hamburgers and pizza and fried chicken.

One day he said, look, I'll give you a free membership if you compete. At the time, I was really poor and when he said free, I'm like 'Ok'. Back then I'd do just about anything for something free. I struggled for a long time coming up, you know, from getting out of college, working in the police department, working at Dominoes for 2 years with a full time college degree, background in accounting, graduating with honours and all that kinda stuff. So I said yes and started training around December before competing in my first ever contest, Mr Texas in April that year and I won. The next show I did was at nationals where I came 3rd, after only after a year of training. So Brian Dobson kinda helped show me the ropes and was kind of my mentor. Ronnie Coleman - 8 Time Mr Olympia & Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion
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