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How & When to Take Oxyshred

Brief Summary

  • Simply mix Oxyshred with water & drink
  • Some users make the taste stronger or weaker by adding or reducing water
  • Drinking Oxyshred faster shall increase the immediate stimulant energy boost one gets
  • For improved weight loss benefits, Oxyshred works best taken in the morning on an empty stomach
  • An optional second dose may be taken mid-afternoon or used as your pre-workout
  • Oxyshred contains caffeine & stimulants so avoid taking it in the evening or before sleep
  • Taking Oxyshred in a fasted state or on a lower carbohydrate diet likely shall enhance weight loss results
  • Oxyshred may be taken as a pre-workout for the goal of weight loss or pre-workout energy. Traditional pre-workouts are a better option for the goal of muscle growth.
  • Combining Oxyshred with a low-calorie healthy diet plus regular exercise shall produce the best weight loss results
  • Taking Oxyshred correctly & at the right time shall likely enhance its weight loss benefits

How To Take Oxyshred

Oxyshred Ultra Concentration comes as a powder that mixes easily into water to produce a cordial-style drink, which is available in fantastic flavours. The manufacturer EHP Labs recommends one 5g scoop per 10oz or 290mL of water, but this can be adjusted to personal taste preferences. Less water shall make the flavour stronger, or more water make the flavour weaker.

Oxyshred may be used up to twice daily. It is a good idea however to start off with one dose of Oxyshred per day. Many users after a period do develop a tolerance to Oxyshreds stimulants, this is often the time to progress to a second dose taken a minimum of 6 hours after your first.

The speed at which Oxyshred is drunk whilst not really impacting weight loss results shall impact the energy and focus surge users can immediately expect. As such users seeking an instant hit of energy have chosen to use a smaller amount of water drinking it faster. Now to be clear we are simply highlighting this method of taking Oxyshred is used by some people, particularly those using Oxyshred as their pre-workout (we don't endorse this and recommend always following the manufacturer's label directions).

As Oxyshred mixes easily some users choose to stir it in a glass of water in the morning before starting their day. Others conveniently mix it with a shaker bottle (this is what I prefer). We do get asked at times whether Oxyshred can be taken with other flavoured drinks instead of water, or with a protein powder. Whilst you may do this, Oxyshred flavours are designed to be taken with water so in doing this the flavours almost certainly shall not be as nice.

Best Time To Take Oxyshred

Whilst Oxyshred may be taken at any time of the day. Anecdotal evidence shows that for the best weight loss results Oxyshred is best taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. To maximise absorption, avoid eating food or consuming even a protein shake within 20 minutes of taking Oxyshred. People who take a second dose usually have this mid-afternoon, or before a workout, leaving at least six hours between consecutive doses. Avoid Oxyshred in the evening or before sleep, as it contains caffeine plus other stimulants that have the potential to cause sleep challenges or mild insomnia.

Should I Take Oxyshred Fasted

For users seeking the best weight loss result, taking Oxyshred in a fasted state is ideal. Immediately it shall lift your metabolism, energy and focus assisting to burn body fat. For even better results combine this with an Oxyshred-fasted cardio, HIIT or resistance workout session. One caveat however when taking Oxyshred fasted would be for those on an extended fast i.e. 24 hours plus. In this situation, we'd suggest taking a very small amount of Oxyshred to assess how it feels and how you react. If OK, then you can progress to fuller doses progressively.

Can you take Oxyshred Plus a Pre Workout?

Yes, you can. Oxyshred may be taken up to twice daily. As such experienced users who have a higher tolerance to stimulants may take one serve of Oxyshred (usually in the morning). Then during their afternoon gym session choose to take their favourite pre-workout. From a safety perspective we'd recommend taking two serves daily at max be it Oxyshred plus your pre-workout or two serves of Oxyshred during a 24-hour period.

Taking Oxyshred as a Pre Workout

As we all know Oxyshred is a thermogenic fat burner, but can you take Oxyshred as a pre-workout supplement? Yes, you can. Oxyshred shall provide some of the benefits that a pre-workout supplement does including increased energy, focus, clarity and even mood. 

Is it better than or equivalent to a pre-workout supplement though? This depends on your goal, if it is weight loss, cutting or getting lean then absolutely. Oxyshred is a great pre-workout supplement. If however, your goal is to increase strength, and power, and engage muscle growth, then a traditional pre-workout such as EHPLabs Pride is a much better option. This is because a traditional pre-workout has the strength-inducing & recovery ingredients that Oxyshred does not, including creatine, citrulline-malate, beta-alanine & amino acids to name just a few.

Taking Oxyshred Without Exercise

Yes, you can take Oxyshred without exercise and still get good results. If choosing though to not exercise the key to achieving great weight loss is following a calorie-controlled high quality diet. Being in a calorie deficit would be ideal as would having a diet lower in carbohydrates. Then combining this with Oxyshred once or twice daily shall put you in a good situation to lose weight. If you are conscious about your diet and consistent in your approach, using Oxyshred shall help, and good results may be expected.

Benefits from How & When Oxyshred is Taken

Achieving the very best weight loss results is a journey many people make. Those of us who have walked the path understand there are many factors that contribute to this success. Oxyshred, whilst being a fantastic weight loss tool, is no different in this regard. So, to maximise the benefits Oxyshred can provide including weight loss, reduced fluid retention, energy, focus & motivation be sure to do all the right things to make it happen. This includes taking Oxyshred powder properly as directed, timing your dose correctly and drinking it regularly without missing days. Additionally, be sure to combine it with a healthy diet and exercise program. Taking a synergistic approach to weight loss, with Oxyshred as your secret weapon, may just be the difference you need.

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